Chinese Knotting: The Cross Knot (十字結, 叶結び)

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Another lonely knot with no family to speak of. There's very little area to expand, vary, or elaborate this particular knot. It is the beginning of a 4 strand crown sinnet tied in one cord... Considered in that light, there are possibilites for variation, let me mull...


Chen 1: Cross Knot (十字結) [shí zì jié]
Ruri-Ishikawa: 十字結(叶結び)(かのう むすび) [kanoo musubi] cross-square knot
Ashley: (??)

The Chinese and Japanese versions of the name for this knot are based on the shape, so is the shape, although the character means "ten" (shí). On Ruri-Ishikawa's page, it talks about the 十字面 (ten, じゅ う, juu) character(word) side, and the 口字面 (mouth, くち, kuchi) character side, which ends up giving us the 叶 結び (leaf, かのう, kanoo) knot... But it's all based on using the pictographic qualities of the ideograms in a more graphical context. So a better translation of the Japanese would probably be "cross-square knot". Note that I've seen rendered as "kanou" so your romanization may vary.

Again, I'm drawing a blank on a Korean version. At least from my online sources. I will have to do a survey of my books but I'm not optimistic.

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How to tie the cross knot

step 1step 1a step 1:
at the middle of your cord, cross your left cord over your right cord. (++)
then fold the now leftmost cord over to the right (++)
step 2step 2bstep 2a step 2:
form a vertical bight over that horizontal bight with the left hand side (LHS) cord (++)
bring the working end of the LHS cord up to the loop at the top from the front (++)
go through and back down (++)

step 3step 3bstep 3a step 3:
fold the RHS cord behind that bight and through the LHS loop (++)
take the RHS cord working end behind the just formed bight (++)
bring it through the LHS loop (++)

finished cross knot Finished Cross Knot:
tighten and adjust, you are done. (++)
finished cross knot Back of finished Cross Knot:
as denoted by the name, the cross side is considered the front, but to some, the back may be more interesting, as it looks like the centre of a square flower knot, sauvastika knot or plafond knot. (++)


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