Chinese Knotting: The 4 Cloverleaf Knot

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step 1 step 1:
form 2 loops
the first will be next to the free end of the knot
insert the second loop through the first loop
step 2 step 2:
form another loop
insert the third loop through the second loop
step 3 step 3:
take the free end,
thread it through the third loop,
over the first loop,
and through the first petal
step 4 step 4:
bring the free end under the first loop
and back through the third loop
step 5 step 5:
try to tighten in all directions at once
the loops should all lock tightly together in the middle
step 6 step 6:
this example is actually looser than you want the centre to be before you start to take up the slack
step 6a step 6a:
if you need a particular part of the string to be the centre point (presumably it is already somewhere in the 2nd petal), then just work the slack towards both ends, following it's previous path
don't let the centre loosen any more than you must
step 6b step 6b:
if an end is your fixed point, then just work the slack towards the other end following it's previous path
as always, don't let the centre loosen any more than necessary
finished 4 cloverleaf


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