Chinese Knotting: The Connection Knot

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Often used as a spacer or to "finish" a loose end ear, the Double Connection Knot is one of the most frequently used decorative knots.


The Double Connection Knot of Chinese Knotting is the same as the sailors' two strand full (or double) Matthew Walker. Matthew Walker knots are often tied with 3 or more strands, but a full knot is still a double knot regardless of how many strands are involved. Similarly, a single knot is a full knot minus one set of tucks, however many strands are being used.

Since the Matthew Walker name is strongly associated with rope knots and since I want to classify the rotated side and cross variations in this grouping, I am going with connection as the base name of this knot family.

Chen 1: Double Connection Knot (2)
Ashley: #2421 Two Strand Matthew Walker, True Lover's Knot
Korean: Dori Knot
Hensel & Graumont: Ladder Hitched Knot (2s)
Hensel & Graumont: Interlocking Running Overhand Knot (2c)

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How To

2. double connection knot 2m2. 2m3.  2s. 2c. 3.  4.

General Tips

Double Connection Knot

Double Connection Knot Note: it is much easier to tie this knot inverted with your fingers over the crossed cords at the bottom, but the instructions are presented this way for clarity.

Double Connection Knot Tied with One Working End

When you want to end a piece at a clasp with a Double Connection Knot on the stem of the button or loop, it is useful to know how the Double Connection Knot can be tied with one working end

Triple Connection Knot

n Connection

As you progress from the single connection to the 4 connection, the pattern of how to make a knot as large as one has the patience for should become clear.


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