Chinese Knotting: The Stellar Knot

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The stellar knot is a variation on the cloverleaf knot. In Chinese Knotting 3 (The Complete Book of Chinese Knotting: A Compendium of Techniques and Variations published in English by Tuttle) Lydia Chen introduces the stellar knot as the 14th basic knot.

As one of the many variations on the cloverleaf knot, I'm not certain it needs to be it's own family. Admittedly, it has a clear charisma and graphic recognizability going for it as well as being named a basic knot by Ms. Chen. I may at a later date feel that the stellar knot needs to be demoted to cloverleaf knot pull wrap (push overlap?) or something, but at least until I decide on some clear terminology and naming conventions, we'll let the stellar knot have it's moment in the sun. Of course, once it's the root of it's own family tree we might not want to demote it (leave Pluto alone!!) upon later reflection.


Chen 3: Type 2a Complex Cloverleaf Knot (4), Constellation Knot (5, 6, 9, 10)
Ashley: #591 A Pentagon in Two Planes (5+), #2456 (6)

Ms. Chen names this knot the Constellation knot, but since a constellation is a grouping of stars and since the star knot is a well known and altogether different knot, I thought stellar to be a more appropriate name, sadly adding naming variations where none existed before.

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5. 5 pointed stellar knot

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5 Pointed Stellar Knot

large 5 pointed
    stellar knot The 5 pointed stellar knot is clearly the root from which this knot family gets their name. A 4 pointed version is presented next. So, let's start with detailed instructions for the 5 pointed stellar knot.


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