Chinese Knotting: The Creeper Knot (攀緣結, 당초매듭)

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What if, instead of using 4 pieces of string, you tied one unit of a square knot all with one piece of string? You get the creeper knot.

Front and back symmetric like most core Chinese knots, and more or less left/right symmetric, there's no rotational symmetry to the creeper knot. Also, it is an inline knot which sort of limits it's compound knot design possibilities. It's classical use is as a decorative binding for a gift wrapped cylindrical object. You could expand the knot by square knotting a longer segment over the centre loop or doing any macramé tricks that don't involve using the carrier threads much. Ashley describes just such an extension that he found in a Japanese knot book. #2468 is the caterpillar knot.


Chen 2: Creeper Knot (攀緣結, simplified: 攀缘结) [pān yuán jié]
당초매듭: dang-cho-mae-deup (machine translates as "initial knot")
Ashley: #2468 Caterpillar Knot

As of yet unseen in the Japanese realm, it may yet turn up in a furoshiki or tsusumi (gift wrapping) situation.

In Chinese Knotting 2 Lydia Chen translates 攀緣結 (pān yuán jié) as the Creeper Knot noting that it evokes climbing vines. Machine translating from the Chinese, gives "climb" or "clamber". Fair enough.

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How to tie the creeper knot

setup step setup step:
make a bight with the middle of your cord (++)
step 1 step 1:
with the cord on the right hand side (RHS) make a bight
and cross it over your middle bight (++)
step 2step 2cstep 2bstep 2a step 2:
with the cord from the left hand side interlock a loop around the RHS loop (++)
starting from the lower left side, go over the RHS loop (++)
go under the bottom of the middle loop and up through the loop between the middle and RHS loops (++)
curving up, go over the RHS cord (++)
step 2estep 2d go under the top of the middle loop (++)
and up through the tip of the RHS loop (++)
finished creeper knot Finished Creeper Knot:
tighten and adjust, you are done. (++)


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