Chinese Knotting: Sauvastika Knot Korean Method

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I first saw this method on a Korean Knotting web site. Since the alignment issues are just a case of matching the strand that ended up on top with with the top and the bottom with the bottom, a no brainer, this has become my go-to method for tying this knot. That said, it is harder to hold and prevent from unravelling during tying than the interlocking simple knot method and also requires more working length.

step 1 step 1:
step 2step
	2a step 2:
step 3step	3bstep	3a step 3:
step 4step	4bstep	4a step 4:
../howto/sauvastika	knot done Finished Sauvastika Knot

pull firmly on all 4 ears to shape the body of the knot. An even square/diamond shape with a nice hole in the middle is what you are looking for. When removing slack and shaping the ears be careful to keep the centre body tight as this knot is prone to unravelling although, if it does, knowing the interlocking simple knot method can help you retrieve the situation without retying the whole knot. (++)


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