Chinese Knotting: Sauvastika Knot Interlocking Simple Knot Method

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The reason that I put the sauvastika knot into the simple/overhand knot family is due to the fact that it is 2 interlocking simple knots. This method shows that most clearly, and if one of the other methods get away from you, this is the basic configuration and knowing this method can save the situation for you.

	  1a step 1:
step 2step
	2a step 2:
step 3step
	3a step 3:
sauvastika	knot done Finished Sauvastika Knot

pull firmly on all 4 ears to shape the body of the knot. An even square/diamond shape with a nice hole in the middle is what you are looking for. When removing slack and shaping the ears be careful to keep the centre body tight as this knot is prone to unravelling although, knowing this method, it is easy to retrieve without retying the whole thing. (++)


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