Chinese Knotting: The Overhand Knot

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The Overhand Knot is the knot that most everyone thinks of when you say "Tie a knot." Very simple and yet also decorative if done with the right materials or in the right combination.


The single overhand knot is also known as the simple knot, the thumb knot, the half knot and much less commonly as the underhand knot.

The double overhand is sometimes called the blood knot, the barrel knot, or the grinner knot. The triple overhand is also called the Franciscan * knot, after an order of Italian friars who would tie multiple overhand knots on the ends of their rope belts.

A multiple overhand knot is also often simply called a long knot. In addition to being decorative, the long knot serves as the unit knot in the ancient Incan khipu or quipu record keeping system.

止め結び (trans: stop knot)
反手結 (MT: backhand results)
簡單結 (simple knot)
拇指結 (thumb knot)
엄지 매듭 (via reverse google translation) Korean National Rescue Service instructional video
活反手結 (Slipped overhand, MT: live backhand knot, tr: flexible overhand knot)
多反手結 (Multiple overhand, tr: more/many/multi)
亦稱雙反手結 (Double overhand, MT: Also known as double-backhand Knot)
血結 (Blood knot)
抛索結 (Heaving line knot, 抛 cast, 索結 hitch, 抛 throw 索 rope)
亦稱方濟各結 (Franciscan knot)
僧結 (Monk's knot) 猴拳結 (Monkeys fist)
牆結 (Wall knot)
冠結 (Crown knot)
馬太華爾卡結 (Matthew walker knot)
鑽石結 (Diamond knot)
Double Fisherman?
雙格林納結 (Double grinner knot)
又稱帕勒甘結 (Paragum knot)
漁人結 (Fisherman's knot)
亦名釣魚人結 (Angler's knot)
或水夫結 (Watermans knot)
英式結 (English knot)
比目魚結 (Halibut knot)
雙漁人結 (Double Fisherman's knot)
兵船駁結 (Carrick bend)
Chen 1: Double Coin Knot (1), Ten Accord Knot 4(1)
Ashley: #817 Carrick Bend (1), Josephine Knot, Bosun's Knot, Basketweave Knot; Chinese Knot (3x4), Napolean Knot, Boatswain's Lanyard, Whistle Lanyard; #819/820 Prolong Knot; #821/822 French Sinnet; #823 Ocean Plat
Hensel: Josephine Knot (1), Sailor's Breastplate Knot (1)
Lunger: Pretzel Knot (1)
Shaw: Half Carrick (1/2), Single Carrick (1/2), Double Carrick (1)

Similar Knots

Many knots, decorative or otherwise, are based on the overhand knot. There are a series of decorative knots that involve two interlocking overhand knots, but the knots most closely and logically related are:

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