Chinese Knotting: The Big Phoenix Tail Sinnet

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This instruction set is just a quick sketch because, as you can see, my new scanner does not like to scan dimensional objects, so it will need to be redone. I've had at least 2 different previous scanners that I've used to make my instructions, with far far better results. Note that there is no green on the cords in question. I didn't have some accident with a marker. Also, anything not flat on the scanner is out of focus and pixellated. Harumph. The old scanner had been replaced because the printer part had died, so I may bring it back for the scanner part or go directly with the photo setup I've got but not used as much.

Note: I've included the larger size images because that's what I always do, but they're terrible. Pixellated and gibbled. The images actually look better smaller because I've been able to smooth over the image flaws, but if there's something that you just absolutely need to see bigger, give it a shot, The detail that you want to see might just be in focus. Technology fail, disappoinment.

step 0setup step:

step 1step 1:

step 2step 2:

step 3astep 3step 3:

step 4astep 4step 4:

step 5astep 5step 5:

donefinished sinnet:

Experimenting with expanding the sinnet in a logical way. First up a 6 strand sinnet. Using the usual under previous strands before loop exchange gives you a sinnet almost identical to the 4 strand (big) phoenix tail. But if you under then over the side strands before loop exchange you get a nice and broader sinnet.
6 strand phoenix tail 6 strand phoenix tail sinnet: under, under, loop.
6 strand phoenix tail with woven edge 6 strand phoenix tail sinnet: under, over, loop

I've got an 8 strand sinnet on the go. Using the under (under, under) loop gives a sinnet virtually identical to the under, under, loop 6 strand phoenix tail sinnet. If instead you under, over, under, loop you get a nice wider sinnet, but with 4 strands to a side the over and undering confuses the alignment of the strands and it gets much easier to confuse your strand order (or maybe it's just that I was doing it at 2am 80 8). I think I'm going to have to rip it out and do it over again (or just continue on and see if I can get the rhythm and show you results warts and all. Decisions, decisions.


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