Chinese Knotting: The Double Coin Knot (雙錢結, 淡路結び)

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step 1 step 1:
starting near the middle, make an underhand loop with the right side (++)
step 2 step 2:
cross the cord on the left side of the middle over this loop (++)
step 3 step 3:
cross the cord from the left side of the middle under right side cord (++)
finished double coin knotstep 4cstep 4bstep 4a Finished Double Coin Knot:
weave diagonally down to the left corner starting by going
over the middle loop (++)
under the top edge of your initial underhand loop (++)
over the left edge of your middle loop (++)
under the left edge of the left loop (++)
tighten and adjust, you are done.


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