Chinese Knotting: The Chinese Double Button Knot

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step 1 step 1:
lace the cord through your fingers with your palm facing up
the midpoint of the knot wil be under your fingers at the back of your hand.
step 2 step 2:
fold each end of the cord over your fingers
the direction is unimportant as long as you are consistent
in this case, the chosen direction is counter-clockwise.
step 3step 3a step 3:
coil each end in a spiral fashion, 360°
step 4step 4a step 4:
lace each end under the opposite standing part where they curve over your fingers
step 5step 5a step 5:
follow the path of the spiral until the the vertical axis defined by the standing parts where they curve under your fingers
weave under that portion of the cord
step 6step 6a step 6:
each end should again travel in a semi-circle, passing the loop around your fingers, then be tucked under the knot through to the diamond in the centre
once the ends have been pulled through, you are done with the first stage of tying
you now have a disk of material resting on your hand
pull on the ends and the loop around your fingers while pushing the edges of the disk towards your hand.
finished double button
	knot Finished Double Button Knot:
at this point, it is safe to simply pull firmly on the middle loop and the ends
great big extra loops of material are likely projecting from your knot
starting from the middle loop, follow the path of the cord in each direction and remove the slack from the knot


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