Chinese Knotting: The Chinese Button Knot Method 3

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step 1step 1cstep 1b step 1:
overlap 2 loops
when first learning this method, carefully check which part of the cord is over and under at the crossings
the right loop is the midpoint of the knot
step 2 step 2:
bring the right working end over the left working end
under the edge of the first loop
through the middle loop
under and past the rest
step 3step 3b step 3:
continue back down through the diamond in the middle
step 4step 4b step 4:
using the other free end, cross over the former working end
bring the cord under/around the rest, then up through the midpoint loop
step 5 step 5:
continue back down through the diamond in the middle
step 6step 6b step 6:
pull up on the midpoint loop and down on the ends
of the three methods, this one looks the most confusing when first pulled tight
but following the cord around in a logical fashion as you remove the slack will soon produce the right end product
finished button knot with small loop Finished Chinese Button Knot with Small Loop
there is often a danger of the small loop at the top of the knot getting sucked into the body of the knot and lost
if that happens, just use tweezers or a knitting needle (crochet hook, etc) to fish the loop back out.


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