Chinese Knotting: The Chinese Button Knot Method 2

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Warning! The big versions of the images below are really big while I conduct an experiment

step 1 step 1:
keeping in mind that in this image the green side leads to what is expected to be the fixed end, form this shape
since you are working with one fixed end, it is unlikely that there is a predetermined mid-point, but if there is, note the join that indicates the mid-point of the knot.
step 2 step 2:
fold the working cord over the fixed cord and then weave the working end across the structure so far.
step 3 step 3:
in this, the last interlacing step, loop the working end around again
up through the loop formed by the last step
then down through the diamond in the centre.
step 4 step 4:
adjust the cords so that the mid-point is under the diamond in the middle.
step 5 step 5:
push that section of cord up and smooth the edges of the knot down
continue to pull the centre loop up and the bottom ends down.
finished button knot
					  with small loop Finished Chinese Button Knot with Small Loop
there is often a danger of the small loop at the top of the knot getting sucked into the body of the knot and lost
if that happens, just use tweezers or a knitting needle (crochet hook, etc) to fish the loop back out.


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