On Buying Chinese Knotting Books

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I have purchased almost my entire collection of books from stores I have visited in person. It makes me happy to pick up the book and flip through the pages and see for myself if it is a good book. But, it is also difficult for me to know that there is a good book out there that I don't have. So, to make your lives easier, I have hopefully put all the information you need to (a) help you decide if you want any of these books, (b) properly identify the book and (c) get the book if you want it.

FYI, most of the book links on my pages are to sites with which I have affiliate status, so I earn a commission if you buy books through the links on my site.

I thoroughly believe in supporting your local bookstore, so, if possible, I recommend you take the ISBN/publishing info to your favourite local bookstore and asking them to special order whatever it is that you want (that way you don't have to pay for shipping!). But, sometimes the deals online are better, and it's certainly not my place to dictate your economic policies/politics!

So, to reduce your shipping costs, help you shop locally, and present prices in your local currency I have links to a few online bookstores:

Unfortunately, this only helps you out with the English language books (I don't read German, I just filled out the application fields in an analog fashion to the English form...). For the Chinese (and Japanese) ones you'll have to find a Chinatown bookstore. I am also working on discovering mail-order sources for the Chinese books and I'll keep you posted on what I find.


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